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"Patrice Williamson isn't a singer, she's a one-woman jazz sampler..." 
–Christopher Loudon, JazzTimes 

"Williamson's voice is warm and satisfying...
–Marcela Breton, JazzTimes 

"This is a top rate collection of jazz vocals by a young female vocalist bound to go far..." 
–Lee Prosser, 

"...a performance that ranges from soulful to enlightened..." 
–Justin Kownacki, SPLENDID Ezine 

"...the talent and versatility of Patrice Williamson is even more obvious..." 
–Carmen Miller, 

"With the sophomore release, Williamson continues to build a solid body of work and expand her growing reputation. More confident than ever, she sings and scats with authority." 
–Donna Kimura, 

"...her husky tones are enough to turn (even) a monk on!...
–Rotcod Zzaj, Improvijazzation Nation 

"Talented jazz vocalist Patrice Williamson, only in her thirties..." 

"...Brimming with confidence in her musical artistry, this singer/flautist puts her special imprimatur on well-known standards..." 
–Dave Nathan, 

"...The warmth of her voice stirs With A Song In My Heart into a beautifully passionate experience...
–Jerry D'Souza, 

"Ms. Williamson has a beautiful low alto voice that could be likened to a smooth single-malt scotch...
–C. Michael Bailey, 

"You want to hear beautiful music? Go directly to Track 4 on Patrice Williamson's latest album, Free to Dream..." 
–Jack Bowers, 

"One of the best scat singers I've ever heard!" 
–Ron Della Chiesa, host of "The Jazz Songbook," WGBH Radio 

"...her Sarah Vaughan-esque phrasing is perfectly appropriate." 
–Don Heckman, Los Angeles Times 

"This is the real thing." 
–Dave Hughes, 

"Patrice Williamson has a spring in her voice, a warm sass that smiles as she goes." 
-John Barrett, Jr., 
The Green Mountain Jazz Messenger 

"...Patrice Williamson's vocal style is mature, deep, and true." 
–Don Glasgo, Jazz Improv 

"...a smooth, honey-colored voice and intonation as flawless as Ella Fitzgerald's." 
–Rick Anderson, The All-Music Guide to Jazz 

"...catch her now..." 
Bart Grooms, Black & White 

"...flies over her songs with a strong sense of swing." 
–Jerome Wilson, Cadence: The Review of Jazz & Blues 

"Patrice Williamson is an up-and-coming singer to watch." 
–Ken Dryden, Chattanooga Times 

"Her voice is strong and true, with a nice bit of huskiness." 
–Michael Colby, 52nd Street Jazz 

"If My Shining Hour is an indication of things to come, Patrice Williamson will string many 'Shining Hours' into a luminous career." 
–R. Redmond, 

"She's a natural that will bring joy to the soul of even the most conservative listener!" 
–Rotcod Zzaj, Improvijazzation Nation 

"...bright, fresh interpretation..." 
–Bob Karlovits, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

" Patrice is the greatest of all time
-Chris Hacker