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Patrice’s wonderful tribute to Ella and Joe Pass, Comes Love, is a lovely recording. I was especially impressed with her improvisations. Her scat singing has a wonderful swing feeling.                                                                                                                   - Sheila Jordan , April 2017 

I’m a big fan of Patrice Williamson. Her new recording is a tribute to Ella Fitzgerald and Joe Pass, featuring guitarist, Jon Wheatley. Comes Love should win her many new fans. The setting is intimate, intense, warm, and soulful! Ella and Joe are smiling!         - Donald Brown, March 2017 


Patrice Williamson's new CD, “Comes Love,” is a beautiful, swinging tribute to Ella Fitzgerald and Joe Pass. Jon Wheatley and Patrice have such a warm rapport they make it look easy. From the playful articulation of the tongue twisting lyrics on the title track, the sparse and moving ballads accentuating Patrice’s sumptuous tone to the undeniable pocket that permeates both artists' improvising, this is the work of two experienced talents who have found musical companionship and all the joy that accompanies it.                                                                                                                     - Dominique Eade, April 2017 


There is much to say about Patrice’s new release Comes Love. Patrice has this ease in her singing, something intuitive (although she has all the training anyone can wish for) and something all her own. She grew up immersed in music and it is her language. But I keep coming back to her sound - it is a jewel. 

Having known Patrice for many years, I have seen her growth as an interpreter and her deep immersion in Jazz in search of her own style. And having done many recordings in a duo format, I understand the challenges and also the desire of having a true dialogue with another musician. I believe that’s what kept bringing Ella and Joe together and that’s what brought Patrice to this beautiful record.                                        - Luciana Souza, March 2017                                                                                                     

Comes Love is now available . Click "music-store" to order one today! 

April 25th, 2017 - Ella Fitzgerald's 100th birthday!!

I officially released Comes Love on April 25th with a concert at the Regattabar in the Charles Hotel in Cambridge, MA.  It was a blast.  The show was sold out, the audience radiated positive energy and collective love of Ella.  The fellas looked fabulous and sounded fantastic.  It was a magical night and one that I will not soon forget. 

Here's a photo and a link to the encore that Jon & I performed from the record. 



Pre-order Comes Love 

Friends, pre-order your copy of Comes Love today. This recording is in celebration of Ella Fitzgerald and Joe Pass. Part of the Ella at 100: Centennial Celebration. Please pledge today! http://bit.ly/ComesLove (Please share with other Ella Fans!) — celebrating 100 years of Ella Fitzgerald!

Comes Love 

The album is almost ready to release. Here is what is going on...

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